The Ask

Jim and Angie came to us to transform their Nutana home into a high-performer. They’d be let down by earlier renovations that caused more issues than they solved, and looked to us and our technical expertise to remedy the errors and give new life to this charming character home.

The Specs

  • Exterior retrofit
  • Replaced all siding and shiplap
  • Installed new plywood sheeting/WRB/polyiso exterior insulation
  • Air sealing around windows

The Honest Review

We hired CFN Construction to do an extensive exterior renovation of our 1930s home. Previous renovations had created some moisture transfer problems that needed addressing, and we wanted additional insulation installed. We were extremely pleased with CFN’s philosophy and approach. They clearly appreciated the importance of doing the job right and were very proactive in doing the necessary research and planning that would properly address our issues. They did not cut corners on materials or workmanship — everything was high quality. Their quotation was complete and accurate — no surprises. Their professionalism around the worksite was excellent. There were no issues with noise, mess, or angry neighbours. They were thorough in making sure all the details were complete. Overall, we have no hesitation in highly recommending them.

Jim & Angie