The Ask

We love a good collaboration. When Natalie and Eli approached us about an infill in partnership with BLDG Studio, it was an obvious yes. Together we crafted plans for a beautiful, functional, and efficient home. By repurposing the previous home’s doors and a few other pieces, we carried on its legacy in a new, high-performance format.

The Specs

  • R-36 double exterior wall construction
  • Double stud system
  • Solar ready
  • 2-zone HVAC system
  • Drain water heat recovery on main stack

The Honest Review

We found CFN to be a good local company to work with on our BLDG Studio-designed home. They offered a competitive price, maintained a strong focus on quality throughout the project, and both Gerard and Damien were friendly and professional. We recommend you consider them when putting together a team for your project.

Eli and Natalie